Some of our services in detail:

indoor plant decoration for

regular lawn

lawn aerating

springtime start-up lawn fertilizing

lawn weed and pest treatment

whole-scale plant protection

golf green



We create a green in your garden for the pleasure of putting and we also maintain the green all the year round.

GREEN: Backyard putting green is a very special lawn, it needs well-drained soil with an artificial mixture, consists of a large portion of sand mixed with peat. The grass is made of a seed whose leaves grow low-down and gradually become a real mat. Creeping bentgrass is the recommended grass species for putting greens. The nutrients are provided in the form of fertilizer every month. We use a helical blade mower to mow the green three or more times per week. Regular watering and provision of sand is required, we pay attention to pests during the maintenance. Several insects and diseases are potential pests of greens. People like to have a green at home to playing on it but it is also a pleasure to just walk barefoot on the green, it going to be the best lawn in your garden.