Some of our services in detail:

indoor plant decoration for

regular lawn

lawn aerating

springtime start-up
lawn fertilizing

lawn weed and pest treatment

whole-scale plant protection

golf green



You do not know what plants would be the best for your office? The cleaning lady puts too much water on the plants? There is no staff to mow the lawn or to trim the roses? Fürge Füge will solve your problem!


In Budapest and its outskirts, we make a free maintenance plan for your garden to meet your individual requirements based on the state and age of plants, the size and kittetség of your garden.
Our offer includes the price of pesticides, spring and fall soil amendment, garden clean-ups. Garden care includes installation of irrigation systems springtime and their preparation for winter at the end of season. We do the aeration of lawn surface springtime and if necessary also in autumn. We keep the lawn in a healthy condition, preventing it from having too much weed or moss. In our job ecology is a high priority. Our staff is made up of horticultural and arboricultural experts. We can give you tips how to improve the appearance of your garden and we can also help you to execute them.


Our other main field of activity is office plant care services. On a weekly or monthly regular basis we offer the maintenace of indoor plants. Offices or apartments are often over-heated in the winter, while in the summer the air conditioning creates a climate that is rather difficult for plants to tolerate. Plants may react in a variety of ways to these conditions. Yet, we can offer you plants that can adapt very well to such conditions. If we are asked for regular maintanance, we can make a difference even by giving approporiate drainage a feeding to the plants. This can improve the appearance of plants a great deal.